Wood Floor Refinishing: Here’s What You Need To Know


Wood floor refinishing brings new life to your wood floor. Wood floors are beautiful if they are maintained, but even with regular maintenance, over time, they can start to show some wear. By refinishing wood floors, you can bring elegance to any room. The process leaves the floors both sparkling and shiny. A wooden floor can show wear and tear for many reasons. Common ones include:

  • moving furniture
  • foot traffic
  • pets
  • dirt that is brought in

What Does It Cost To Refinish a Wood Floor?

The cost can vary depending on several factors. Typically, the more the wood is damaged, the more it will cost to refinish it. The cost can also depend on the square footage and whether you need additional services to refinish it. You can expect to pay a minimum of $200 to have your wood floor refinishing done. On average, homeowners spend about $1400 for this service. However, on the high end of the cost curve, some pay as much as $3000. These costs take into account many different factors, including:

  • size of the area (sq ft)
  • the current condition of the floor
  • floor color
  • materials required
  • stairs
  • additional services

Experience definitely counts when it comes to a good floor refinishing job. Mistakes show up big time on wood flooring, and you may end up devaluing your property. To get the wooden floors back to their naturally beautiful state, you may require a professional wood floor refinishing service. Doing this for your floors not only results in a beautiful finish but can also increase the value of your home.

Square Footage

Many of the companies you will find charge per square foot to be refinished. However, there is a minimum charge, so if you choose to do a small area, your cost could be higher per square foot. The more space you refinish, the lower the cost will be per square foot.

Floor Condition

If there’s a lot of damage, it will take longer to and cost you more than it would refinish a wood floor with little damage. If you had carpet on the wood before, it can be labor-intensive and expensive to get all of the debris off, which will naturally increase the price.

Floor Color

For people who have light floors and want a dark finish, this will not increase the cost. However, if you want to go the other way with it, lighting the floors is a much longer process. It will not only take longer but will cost more through labor and materials.

Materials Needed

The price can increase drastically by choosing high-end materials. However, this usually results in a better quality finish as well as a longer-lasting result. Some of the materials that have options for both the low and mid-range of the price spectrum include waxes, sealants, and more. For special projects that require more work, a professional contractor team may have to use special machines or more labor, which increases the price overall.

Do You Have Stairs?

If you happen to have a flat surface and no stairs, the job will be easier to complete. When you add wooden stairs, the labor becomes much more intensive and expensive. The machines that many professional companies use are not made to be used on stairs. Because of this, the work will need to be done by hand, which can greatly increase the cost. Additionally, stairs typically have a lot of foot traffic, which means they are generally more worn than in other areas. If you do have stairs, be prepared for the company to charge you per step in addition to the other costs already outlined.

Additional Factors and Services You Should Consider

Apart from wood floor refinishing, you should consider other renovations that will often be companies offering additional services for their customers. To get your refinished floors looking great, you have to do more than just the floors. Some common additions include:

  • refinishing the wood baseboards adjacent to the floors
  • banisters if you have stairs
  • rails
  • door frames

If you have other wood components in your home, you may want to consider those as well. Doing all of this at the same time will not only add to the beauty of the finished product, but also to the cost thereof. You will want to consider all aspects during your price quote so you do not have unexpected surprises.